GLR Home Maintenance Dryer Vent Cleaning.

Is your laundry still damp at the end of the first drying cycle?

 Unleash your clothes dryers full potential and get your laundry dry the first try once again, With GLR Home Maintenance Dryer Vent Cleaning Services. 

We unclog and remove the lint in around 60 minutes guaranteed!

Our dryer vent cleaning service is also a great annual preventative maintenance service that will help keep your clothes dryer running smoothly and efficiently. Our service includes us cleaning your dryers roof vent, the exhaust duct in the wall, the flexible duct (transition) which connects the dryer to the wall duct, the exhaust duct in your dryer, the lint trap and the lint screen. We also vacuum off the back of your dryer, the floor underneath and the walls behind it. GLR Home Maintenance Dryer Vent Cleaning is owner operated and a local Spring Hill, Florida Business Serving all of Spring Hill, FL.

We are State registered and Insured. Business Hours 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Phone 352 678-8817. Ask about our Military discounts.

Hello I'm Gary, the owner of GLR and the guy that does all the work, Thanks for stopping by! I take a lot of pride in the services that I provide to my customers, And I stand by my work one hundred percent.  If your not totally satisfied with my work I will do the job again for free!

If your laundry is still damp at the end of the drying cycle you may be wondering why? Maybe the dryer is not working properly? Or is your dryer vent and duct clogged with lint? A clog would prevent the moister from leaving your dryer. In essence if your dryer is heating up your laundry but not removing the moister by the end of it's cycle your exhaust duct and vent are most likely blocked with lint and should be cleaned. Blockage in the duct and vent will prevent the moisture from escaping your dryer, And will keep your laundry from drying in the proper amount of time. Although in some more rare cases the dryer heats up but the blower motor will cease to blow out the damp air keeping the laundry from drying. If your dryer is not heating up at all it could be the dryer it self, if that's the case it could be a bad heating element. Here at GLR we thoroughly remove all built up lint from your dryers exhaust ducts, roof vent and lint trap enabling your laundry to be dried in one drying cycle again. This will also eliminate the risk of dryer fires and increase the efficiency and lifespan of your clothes dryer. Having this service preformed annually by GLR will save you time and money. Your happiness really is our success! And I guarantee to provide you with the very best service available. We're located in Spring Hill, Florida and we hope to serve you soon! We are proud to offer our services to Spring Hill, Florida residents. Open Monday through Friday. Our Hours are 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Thank you so much for stopping by! Please read on to learn more about us and our dryer vent and rain gutter cleaning services!

What to expect after our service is complete.

After the service is complete you can expect shorter drying times and to smile as your energy bill goes down. Our dryer vent cleaning service will help eliminate the risk of dryer fires, increase the efficiency and the lifespan of your clothes dryer, improved indoor air quality and most importantly it will help protect your family and home. 

Our dryer vent cleaning service is designed around 3 important elements.

Keeping your Family safe, keeping your home safe and enabling your clothes dryer to run more efficiently. I am proud to offer my customers professional and dependable dryer vent cleaning services with one single set fee of fifty five
 dollars for one story homes. I want all of my customers to be 100% satisfied, that's why I go the extra mile to make sure that you are, I Guarantee it! If your not completely satisfied with my dryer vent cleaning service I'll do the job again for free. See us on Google+ or check out our Facebook Reviews.

Most people routinely clean the lint screen after each load.

This is a great! but it's also very important to remove the lint that has accumulated inside the flexible exhaust duct behind your dryer, the lint trap, the exhaust duct inside your wall leading outside and the outside vent on your roof, that's what we do for you. If your dryer vent and ducts are clean and lint free the hot damp air can easily escape and your clothes dryer can accomplish its goal. We make sure to thoroughly clean all these things including your dryers lint screen and as a bonus we vacuum up any dust, lint and debris from underneath, on and around your clothes dryer. Our qualified dryer vent cleaning specialist (Me! :) will eliminate all hazardous built up lint and other debris, allowing your clothes dryer to operate safely and efficiently.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service!

How we clean your dryer vents and ducts:

We thoroughly clean your dryers exhaust duct and vent using a high-speed rotary brush system which covers the entire length of the dryers exhaust duct removing all built-up lint while we simultaneously vacuum it out.

We clean the entire dryer duct removing all lint that has accumulated inside. We then check and clean the dryer exhaust vent on your roof or outside wall.

We clean your dryers lint traps, reassemble and check for proper operation. Protect your home and family by having your dryers vent and ducts cleaned free of dangerous built-up lint annually. Dryer vent cleaning service cost: $55 for one story homes in Spring Hill, Florida

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Rain Gutter Cleaning Service!

How we clean your rain gutters and down spouts:

Clean  gutters are vital to keep the water from collecting and damaging your home. When we arrive we will thoroughly clean your gutters and down spouts free of leaves and debris, ensuring that they can drain correctly.

We remove all built up debris, ensuring that the water flows smoothly through your rain gutters and down spouts and away from your home.

We remove all debris from inside your gutters and down spouts put it in garbage bags and remove it from your home. After removing all big debris from your gutters we rinse them out with water to insure proper drainage. Service cost is between $60 to $80 for homes in Spring Hill, Florida.

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