The dangers of a clogged dryer vent!

Post date: Dec 6, 2014 8:04:34 PM

A clogged clothes dryer vent means more then just wet laundry.

Of course the worst thing that could happen with built-up lint clogging your dryers ducts and vents is a clothes dryer fire.

But there's a lot more...

If you have a clog in your dryer vent and duct that means the hot damp air that's supposed to be blown outside of your home is being pushed back into your dryer and home. Your laundry will not be dried if the damp air can't escape the inside of your dryer. This air has to go somewhere and will most likely end up in your laundry room, this can cause mold problems but if fire and mold isn't bad enough a lot of liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets sold these days contain toxic chemicals such as Chloroform, formaldehyde and Benzyl acetate, just to name a few, these chemicals can cause respiratory problems, dizziness and major life threatening diseases! I met a few customers on the job and while cleaning their dryer vents we talked and they told me they have unexplainable respiratory problems that there doctors just can't figure out for them, all of these customers had something in common very strong fragrances in there home, especially on the lint that I cleaned out from their dryer vents and ducts.

This scares me, I think these products have something to do with these unexplainable respiratory problems, so I make sure to take proper safety measures while preforming your dryer vent cleaning service. I wear a dust mask and gloves when working around these toxic chemicals. My customers are always happy to hear that the process I use for cleaning there dryer ducts keep all toxic lint contained, the lint I remove from there dryer duct goes strait from there duct into a sealed container. You can read more about how we clean your dryer vent and ducts on our webpage here: dryer-vent-cleaning-service.

Here is a great article from that explains what these laundry products really contain

and how much harm they are causing to unsuspecting consumers. There are many natural alternatives for doing laundry that you can purchase in health food stores and your local supermarket these days, I would recommend giving them a try, they work just as well as the toxic ones in my opinion. You can even make your own! Here is a good recipe from You will find a lot of information on these subjects if you google them. Look up Citric Acid powder for washing dishes and borax and washing soda for your laundry. If someone actually wanted my opinion on this subject I would recommend to stop using all toxic air fresheners, detergents, including smelly plugins, febreeze, liquid fabric softeners, dryer sheets, dishwasher detergents anything with artificial fragrances. The companies that make them are not required by law to print the full list of ingredients on there boxes and containers. We wouldn't buy there products if they did. So if your feeling a little off lately and your not sure why, try getting rid of these products for a year or so and see what happens, it can't hurt! Thanks so much for reading my article and Happy Drying from GLR Home Maintenance!

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