Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Unleash Your Clothes Dryers Full Potential with GLR Home Maintenance Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

With one $50 Flat fee! Spring Hill, Florida.

Print coupon card for $5 off! ☞Our clothes dryer vent and duct cleaning service. It's only $50 for Spring Hill, Florida residents. Having your clothes dryers exhaust ducts and vents cleaned free of built-up lint annually, will increase the efficiency of your clothes dryer (shorter drying times), reduce its energy cost and help protect your home and your family from dangerous lint fires.

How we perform our dryer vent cleaning service: Dryer vent cleaning is often overlooked by home owners, it's just one of those things people don't think about until there drying machine stops drying there laundry. With our dryer vent cleaning service we thoroughly clean your clothes dryers exhaust duct and vent free of lint using a high-speed rotary brush system that covers the entire distance of your dryer duct to scrape off and remove the built up lint inside while we simultaneously vacuum it out, we clean the entire exhaust duct from the dryer to the outside of your home removing all of the built up lint that has accumulated in the ducts and vents over time, we also clean the flexible exhaust tube that connects from your dry to the wall duct, we then check the exhaust vent on your roof or outside wall for clogs and remove them, after that, we clean your clothe dryers lint traps, Vacuum up any mess in the area where we worked, reassemble everything, put your clothes dryer back in to it's original place and check for proper operation.

The importance of annual Dryer vent cleaning and maintenance: The build-up of lint reduces the efficiency of your clothes dryer causing longer drying times, this is because the moist hot air can't escape the inside of your dryer, forcing it to work harder, it is possible that the lint can ignite and catch fire if it accumulates so much that it blocks the flow of air inside the clothes dryers ducts. You can prevent dangerous situations and longer drying times by having your clothes dryer vents and ducts cleaned at least once a year. We invite our customers to watch as we perform our clothes dryer vent and duct cleaning service, they are usually very surprised by the amount of lint that we remove from their dryer vents and ducts. It's very common for the dryer exhaust vent to get clogged, especially if it has a metal screen installed on it to keep the animals from getting in, this works well, but it also keeps the lint from getting out. Cleaning the outside exhaust vent is just as important as cleaning your dryers exhaust ducts. With our dryer vent cleaning service we make sure to check and thoroughly clean your clothes dryers exhaust vent and screen free of lint and grime.

How much time does it take to complete our dryer vent cleaning service? Well it all depends on the job, but our dryer vent cleaning service usually takes between 45 min to one hour to complete. Same day service is available for Spring Hill Florida residents.

Spring Hill Florida dryer vent cleaning service cost: The dryer vent cleaning service cost for a one story home is $50. The dryer vent cleaning service cost for a two story home is $55. Absolutely no hidden charges or fees!

Spring Hill, Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

Why is lint building up in my dryers exhaust vent and duct!

When your laundry is being dried small fibers start to detach from the material of your clothing and the lint begins to build up in your dryers lint trap: The screen in the lint trap catches some lint but not all. The lint that gets past the screen is the same lint that begins to build up in your clothes dryers wall duct, flexible exhaust tube and the outside vent and eventually causes clogs if not properly maintained.

Are your clothes still damp after running your clothes dryer through a full cycle? Your dryers vent and exhaust ducts may be clogged with lint. My customers are often very surprised in how fast there clothes dry after the dryer vent cleaning service is complete. By removing the lint that's clogging there exhaust vent and ducts the hot damp air is able to be pushed up and out of the exterior vent.

A clog in your dryers wall duct, flexible exhaust tube or exterior dryer vent will prevent the hot damp air from leaving your drying machine: This means that the hot damp air has no where to go and will stay inside your drying machine heating up your laundry but not drying it. We use a professional high speed duct cleaning system that is sure to remove all built-up lint clogging your clothes dryer, in fact we guaranty it!

Our system brushes off layer after layer of built up lint from the sides of your dryers exhaust duct while we simultaneously vacuum it out as it falls: This lint goes directly from your duct in to the container on our high powered Vacuum, this means no mess on your floor and no hazardous dust particles flying around your home. All hazardous lint is safely contained and removed from your home. We charge a fifty dollar flat fee for our dryer vent cleaning service, no hidden charges! but you can pay less if you are a senior citizen or you are or were in the military.

Spring Hill, Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.
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